CFFP moves to Philanthropy Northwest

Slow Money Northwest has been successful in developing innovative approaches to financing regional food and farm businesses. Our latest innovation, the Cascadia Foodshed Funding Project (CFFP), has brought different types of investors together, particularly foundations and individual impact investors, to focus on using market-based strategies to grow the regional food economy. Our innovation and action-based strategies has garnered the interest of Philanthropy Northwest to help facilitate growth of project.

Slow Money Northwest is excited to hand the project over to Philanthropy Northwest to expand the success of what is now called the Cascadia Foodshed Financing Project. From their announcementWe are excited to introduce Cascadia Foodshed Financing Project, the latest project to join Philanthropy Northwest’s incubation platform and regional impact investing network. So what is it, and why does it matter? In his first of many blog post for our readers, Tim Crosby, CFFP’s founder, explains how this project has come together with support from a range of Northwest funders, and what they aim to achieve.

CFFP has become the main focus of Slow Money Northwest’s tight resources. The core SMNW players will continue to connect sustainable food and farming business to sources of business development and financing assistance. If you would like to help advance these efforts and help steer SMNW forward please contact Tim Crosby via email: tim*at*

Thank you for helping move the nexus of food/farm/financing/philanthropy forward!