Growing Our Local Food System with Woody Tasch and Carol Peppe Hewitt

Last Friday over 75 people joined us for a night of inspiration and action with Woody Tasch, Founder and Chairman of Slow Money, and Carol Peppe Hewitt, Co-Founder and Principle Matchmaker at Slow Money North Carolina.   Woody shared the vision behind the Slow Money movement as well as insights from what is happening nationally.  To date over $30 million has been invested nationally in food businesses that are working toward creating a more sustainable food system through Slow Money.  He also announced the launch of a crowdfunding platform, Gatheround, which will enable small donors to participate in funding small food enterprises around the country.

woody-event (2)

Carol read excerpts of her book, Financing Our Foodshed: Growing Local Food with Slow Money.  Carol has been connecting individual investors and food businesses through promissory notes since 2010, with investments totaling more than $700,000. Tim Crosby, Director of Slow Money NW, then shared ways that people here in the Puget Sound region can get involved, including joining our site on Gust and coming to a meetup.

If you weren’t able to attend the event but are still interested in getting involved, please contact Rachel Hynes at or at 206.395.6236.