A Fast Slow Money Week

Slow Money National Gathering dinner


Last week saw two fantastic events that connected our regional efforts to a larger international movement.

First up was our wonderfully successful Food Investor Network meeting that brought 25 investors and businesses together at emmer&rye to hear 3 businesses pitch their opportunities. While the overall attendance was down the number was probably better since it gave people the opportunity to talk with everyone at the event. Good to know for future events.

Tuesday saw Slow Money NW members and businesses travel to San Francisco for the 3rd Slow Money National Gathering. This three day event had 750 registered attendees from 36 states and 6 countries gather to help refine and energize our collective efforts.

For our regional efforts there were three major highlights to this event.

First highlight was that two regional businesses made presentations: Farm Power and Stockbox Grocers. I did not get time to connect with Farm Power but I do know that Stockbox was overwhelmed with attention, a good problem to have.

Second highlight was that Slow Money NW is becoming recognized as one of the more impactful regional efforts in the country. This came as a bit of a surprise considering how quiet we have been about our work. But our tack of start small but start something, do not get in over our volunteer heads, make sure we do not bite off more than we can chew, connect angel investors and professionals, and use current networks and resources as much as possible is proving to have traction. 

Third highlight was putting up a sign at one lunch basically saying “NW attendees over here!” Because of this we were able to connect 22 Pac NW people to each other and our work. Most gratifying was being able to sit with interested individuals from the four regional states WA, OR, ID, and MT. I do not know if anyone from AK was there, but BC and Northern CA held their own breakouts. We are gaining ground!