Apply for Support

We are always accepting applications for ongoing funding and technical assistance.   While we do not discourage anyone from applying, many investors in our network are focused on more than just a financial return. Please take a look at our draft principles for responsible businesses and see if you agree.

To date we have provided business development services to over 60 businesses and helped connect 14 businesses with over $6 million in capital. To maintain continuous flow of deals, Slow Money NW has created an investor space on Gust, a specialized service for angel investors to find, review, discuss and invest in businesses.

For INVESTORS:  Join Slow Money on Gust

Click on the link above and follow the instructions to create a profile and request membership to our investment group.

We have been using Gust within our Food Investment Network community  to share, preview, and discuss opportunities and coordinate diligence tasks and negotiate deals. You can set up an account here, and once you have logged in, request membership to  the Slow Money group. 

Please contact us by email if you have any questions or difficulty accessing or navigating the site, or that last paragraph sounded like pure gibberish.

For ENTREPRENEURS:  Share Your Business Opportunity with the Slow Money Network 

If your company is already on Gust,  go to ‘Search Investors’ and look for ‘Slow Money’.  Select ‘Slow Money’ (not Slow Money NYC) and select ‘Share Now’.  Slow Money will grant you access and your Private Site will be visible to the network of investors who are approved members of the group.

We look forward to more opportunities to engage, invest, and transform the food system together.