Five Growing Businesses will be highlighted at our November 4th Showcase

We had an amazing summer in the Northwest! Long sunny days means a good harvest, and this fall’s Food Investor Network Showcase was no exception. We have far more businesses seeking funding than we are able to include in the Showcase, so we decided to focus primarily on those innovative businesses engaged in developing business models that are more profitable and sustainable. Where are the rest? Contact us directly to find out how you can join our network and access exciting deals and support our sustainable regional food system.

You can also join us on our Gust space, which gives you access to time-sensitive opportunities, longer term investment strategies, and a forum to discuss investments securely, all without running afoul of SEC regulations. Please remember that per Securities and Exchange Commission Rules, these meetings are not open to the public.

Earth Equity Logo

Earth Equity Farms develops sustainable Organic and Fair Trade agriculture to supply the growing demand for quality food that is good for you and the world. Their supply chains are certified sustainable and fully integrated from seed to shelf to return more to the land, our farming communities and stakeholders. More info … 

Pinfeather Farms

Pinfeather Farm aims to bring high quality poultry products raised in a conscious manner to a wider audience in the Puget Sound region while creating a financially sound business model that can serve as inspiration to other aspiring farmers. The farmers have over 10 years of experience in organic farming, pastured poultry production, and small business operation.

Our Table
Our Table Cooperative is a cooperative of farms and producers working together to create handcrafted, thoughtful and delicious food for the local community. They are a model multi-stakeholder cooperative that runs a 58-acre farm located in Sherwood, Oregon, about 15 miles south of Portland. More info …

Farmstr logo

Farmstr is a direct online farmer-to-consumer marketplace that aims to enable the success of game-changing famers and provide a viable and non-conventional choice for consumers to spend their food dollars. Farmers can promote their farm and products, manage customer relationships, and track sales and logistics. More info …

Viva Farms Logo

Viva Farms is a farm incubator in the Skagit Valley that is growing the next generation of organic farmers by providing access to bilingual education, land, equipment, loans, and markets.  They have successfully launched 15 new farm businesses and have received national media attention for their pioneering model.  More info …



Thank you to One PacificCoast Bank for sponsoring with this event, and for all the work they do developing regional food and farm businesses.



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