Food Investor Network Businesses – Spring 2013

We are pleased to announce a spring harvest of exciting businesses that will be making presentations to accredited investors at our Spring Food Investor Network Showcase on May 20th in Seattle.  Per Securities and Exchange Commission Rules, these meetings are not open to the public.  Please contact us directly for more information about our showcase events and to learn about investing in local farm and food businesses.


Advanced Symbiotic Technologies is a potential game-changing startup. AST has created an organic-grade natural seed coating to improve crop yields in drought conditions. They are in field studies and with patents pending. More info …



Better Bean has been producing and selling ready-to-eat premium refrigerated beans since 2010.  They have received much acclaim and press for their exciting new product line and rolled out to high-end and regional groceries in select markets across the country. More info …



Kansha Natural Foods is a Seattle based producer of handmade and live cultured, naturally fermented foods including pickles, kimchi and kraut sold through the Britt’s Pickles brand.  Britt’s has sold through select grocery chains in the Seattle area since opening a year ago and in September 2012 inaugurated a retail store in the historic Pike’s Place Market. More info …


farm raiser_next

Say goodbye to candy bars, cookie dough and other unhealthy, mass-produced products that kids are asked to sell each year.  Say hello to a new way to boost your local economy, where wholesome food comes direct from the farm or local business to you.  Farmraiser is reinventing the school fundraiser by connecting schools with local farms and healthy food products using an innovative online storytelling platform.  More info …



Suncrest Farms is a clean tech, Seattle-based company that grows lettuce that is
“Always Local. Always Fresh.™” To do this Suncrest uses advanced hydroponic
technology that decreases water consumption by 90%, reduces greenhouse
energy consumption by 50% and has a “zero” long-haul distribution footprint. More info …

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