Seeds of Success Launch

Farmers Alexa Helbling and Nina Sajeske
Farmers Alexa Helbling and Nina Sajeske are saving to buy a tractor next season to expand productions of hogs and chickens.

On February 19th, we enrolled the first class in our Seeds of Success program. Eight new farm businesses from around the region opened their Individual Development Accounts at One Pacific Coast Bank and made their first deposits.

Each participant has either completed, or is currently enrolled in a business training or internship program to help them build the skills and networks they need to succeed in their enterprise. Over the next year, these new farmers will work with mentors, instructors and peers to develop and improve their  business plans and identify equipment, stock or land needed. Once they reach their savings goals, they are able to use those funds along with their matching dollars for the purchase the asset they’ve identified as key to their success.

This program relies on the expertise of the instructors at Cultivating Success, Seattle Tilth Farmworks the supportive community of new farmers, and the generosity of the donors who provide the funding to match our participants’ savings. We’d like to give a special thanks to Northwest Farm Credit Services and all the individual donors who have contributed so far.

We experienced such an interest and enthusiasm for this program from young farmers across the state, we would like to launch our next class this year.  We have funding to support the operations, but we need your help to fund the savings match. If you’d like to support the program, please click here. Every dollar you donate will go directly to the farmer in the form of a business-building asset, with a clear, concrete plan on how to use it.  No waste, no fuss, just helping farmers grow healthy local food to feed the next generation of Washingtonians.  For sponsorship and donation information, please contact Japhet Koteen.

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