Slow Money PDX followup

Thanks to all who attended our first Portland event. The NedSpace was perfect, the Hotlips Catering food was yummy, and the presentations exciting and enticing. Thanks again to One PacificCoast Bank for helping sponsor the event.

Just over 40 people attended the event. We had bankers, foundations, equity capital and asset management firms, individual investors, non-profit partners, and our four presenting enterprises. We of course gave an overview of what we are doing and what we see as some emerging national trends. You can download the Slow Money PDX presentation here.

We also found a local lead for Slow Money efforts in Portland. Mailaka Maphalala is the perfect intersection of various efforts in Portland with her Natural Investments work, her partnership with LIONS co-founder and fellow adviser at Natural Investments, James Frazier, her connections with Springboard Innovations, and her genuine enthusiasm for Slow Money efforts around the country.

Malaika has already started planning for the next event in mid June. If you are interested in presenting please Slow Money NW.

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