SMNW Hiring a Project Manager (Application period now closed)

Application period is now closed.
Thanks to all who have submitted applications. There is a great talent pool out there interested in helping us grow this enterprise.

Slow Money Northwest seeks a qualified individual with well-rounded skills to join the team and play a core management role. The position covers a broad range of functions including: organization development, fundraising, operations and project management. The ideal candidate will have experience with all skills, has worked with startup organizations moving into a growth stage, is self-motivated, and can handle diverse tasks associated with small but growing organizations.

The position will coordinate a variety of efforts to help Northwest food and agriculture businesses access capital and business development assistance. Some of these projects include:

•    A multi-state effort to develop Individual Development Accounts for farmers.
•    A beginning farmer loan program with a partner credit union
•    A network of accredited angel investors
•    Investigation into a possible equity/management fund
•    Connecting technical assistance to interested businesses
•    Coordination of regional events and meetings for stakeholders
•    Ongoing communications and fundraising

For complete information download SMNW Project Manager.pdf

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